Apt613 / Support Local
For the last five years, I've donated my time to Apt613's "Support Local" cause. The premise is right in the name itself - support your local makers, growers, chefs, gremlins. The "We (heart) this city" piece has become oddly iconic in its own special Ottawa way, and were plastered around town following a really crummy event. The portraits are composited images, part of a collaboration with photographer pal Jamie Kronick and Blumenstudio.



Storytime Hot Sauce
When a friend makes a hot sauce, you get to design the brand. That's how it works. My good pal Scott has lead one hell of a life, and each sauce from his collection is a representation of one of his yarns. Like his first release, "Street Kid," is about this time he — you know what? I can't tell that story. My mom reads this shit. Hey Ma.

It's a hell of a sauce, though.  



Lawson Foundation
This lovely group of people take money and invest it in the kids. They put it better than I do: "The Lawson Foundation is a national family foundation that invests in and engages with ideas, people and organizations that contribute to the wellbeing of children and youth and their development as active and engaged members of society." See? Pretty great. We worked together to give them a bit of a facelift. For the kids.



A collection of primaries and secondaries that I've created over the years. Some are still cooking, some have gone away, one or two didn't make it past the finish line. (the Quitters wordmark was designed in collaboration with Ricardo Gonzalez / It's A Living).



A parent can't play favourites, but these are some of my favourite projects to work on. There are a few client pieces in here, but most come from my #JacketEveryday project. The general idea surrounds asking people what the title of their life story would be, and taking the time everyday to create a jacket for the respondents. Over 1000 submissions have been collected — and will be completed in due time.



Miscellaneous Goods
The rascals that don't belong elsewhere.