Steve St. Pierre is an art director and graphic designer based out of Ottawa, Canada.
He is currently available for freelance work. He is a partner at Able Company.



Wild Creatures
Partnered with a friend to help start Wild Creatures, a craft beer subscription service. Each month, a carefully curated box of craft beer appears on your doorstep for your enjoyment. 



Slow Brew
We helped our pal Katie get her pop-up coffee experience off the ground in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Coffee slower than molasses in January.



Stone City Ales
Work completed as part of our ongoing relationship with Stone City Ales, some close friends that started from the bottom and are reinventing the craft beer game on pint at a time. I was honoured to design their 'Pretty Things' label and poster, used to commemorate the final stop on the Tragically Hip's historic 'Man Machine Poem' tour. 

Stone City Ales logo by Vincent Perez.



Apt613 / Support Local
For the last five years, I've donated my time to Apt613's "Support Local" cause. The premise is right in the name itself - support your local makers, growers, chefs, gremlins. The "We (heart) this city" piece has become oddly iconic in its own special Ottawa way, and were plastered around town following a really crummy event. The portraits are composited images, part of a collaboration with photographer pal Jamie Kronick and Blumenstudio.



Storytime Hot Sauce
When a friend makes a hot sauce, you get to design the brand. That's how it works. My good pal Scott has lead one hell of a life, and each sauce from his collection is a representation of one of his yarns. Like his first release, "Street Kid," is about this time he — you know what? I can't tell that story. My mom reads this shit. Hey Ma.

It's a hell of a sauce, though.  



Applied Arts
During my time at McMillan, I was lucky enough to guest art direct an issue of Applied Arts magazine alongside Jacob Bryce. Michael Zavacky created the Chris Ware-inspired illustration for the cover. Photos by Andrew Bowser.



A collection of primaries and secondaries that I've created over the years. Some are still cooking, some have gone away, one or two didn't make it past the finish line.



A parent can't play favourites, but these are some of my favourite projects to work on. There are a few client pieces in here, but most come from my #JacketEveryday project. The general idea surrounds asking people what the title of their life story would be, and taking the time everyday to create a jacket for the respondents. Over 1000 submissions have been collected — and will be completed in due time.



Weld Effects
Guitar pedal designers based out of Toronto, Ontario. Three high school pals with a penchant for Neil Young and all the fuzz his guitar brings. Juxtaposed the noise with the clean and modern